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Recent CD Releases

Live at the Tranzac Vol 1
Ken Aldcroft - William Parker

Mister, Mister
Solo Ken Aldcroft

Red & Blue
Ken Aldcroft & Scott Thomson

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Ongoing Performances

Ken Aldcroft Presents
Second Wednesday Series
The Tranzac, 10pm

Third Sunday of the Month
The Tranzac, 3pm

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Most of Trio Records' catalogue is now available as downloads from itunes

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Here is a poem written by Nicholas Power which was inspired by a set of improvised music performed by me, drummer/percussionist Germaine Liu and bassist Jim Sexton at the LoD Series in Toronto.

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Alaniaris "This is what we do!"next

This is what we do!

Michael Kaler: electric bass
Ken Aldcroft: electric guitar
Mark Zurawinski: drums and percussion

1. Tsifte Tetle - 04:14
2. No Sengah - 03:27
3. Intrepid Sisters - 04:45
4. Harmosaz - 04:25
5. Rebetiko #1 - 02:44
6. T. O. Teke - 06:41

It is what it was. No overdubs, just us playing. Enjoy!

Released 19 October 2013
Recorded by Matt Miller
Mixed and mastered by Mark Zurawinski
Digital release: Purchase album

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Andy Haas/Ken Aldcroft "Notes on the Miasms" (resonantmusic010)nextup

Notes on the Miasms

Andy Haas- sax & electronics
Ken Aldcroft- guitar

1. Madness of Two
2. Vis Medicatrix
3. Les Maladies Chroniques
4. Tincture of Time
5. Inflammations
6. Miasmatic Blues
7. Serial Dillution

All tracks improvised with no overdubs
Recorded July 26, 2012 in New York City at 6/8 Studios by Perkin Barnes
Produced by Andy Haas
Cover by Scott Friedlander

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MiMo "No Exit" nextup

NO Exit

MiMo, a percussion and laptop duo known for beat-driven live improvisatory concerts as well as creators of music for the electronic musician, have released 'No Exit' ? a vinyl album created for the professional turntable musician and DJ. Collaborating with multiple members of the Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto (AIMToronto), this album presents fresh original sounds that can be used by popular music artists looking for unusual and new textures.

This Locked-Groove album consists of 96 tracks; each represents 1.8 seconds of edited improvisation by live musicians. Each track repeats indefinitely and acts as a musical canvas upon which a DJ could create new music.

MiMo is a duo featuring multi-instrumentalists Matt Miller (laptop, guitars, synthesizers) and Samuel Morgenstein (drums, percussion, electronics). In addition to their live performances, MiMo produces innovative sample libraries for music producers and production music for the visual media industry. MiMo?s mission is to bring disparate musical genres together and to create new sounds for popular music idioms. To purchase the 'No Exit' album, or to find out more about MiMo, please visit and

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AIMToronto Orchestra "Year of the Boar" (BR0323) next up

Year of the Boar

Barnyard Records

1. Year of the Boar (Justin Haynes) 5:44
2. Fields (Kyle Brenders) 7:15
3. Rendered in Desperation (Joe Sorbara) 10:04
4. Follow Line Flow Line Follow (Kyle Brenders) 14:18
5. Cross Fading Accents (Germaine Liu) 4:28
6. Thru and Through (Kyle Brenders) 20:19
7. Is it better when I do it like this? (J. Haynes) 7:31

Produced by Jean Martin & Scott Thomson

Recorded by Jean Martin & Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company,
Toronto, Canada, 16 & 17 January, 2010
Mixed and mastered by Jean Martin at The Farm, Toronto
Administrative direction of the AIMToronto Orchestra by Scott Thomson
Art and photos (Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK) by Jean Martin

Kyle Brenders, soprano saxophone & artistic direction
Evan Shaw, alto saxophone
Christopher Willes, tenor saxophone
Ronda Rindone, clarinets
Rob Piilonen, flute
Nicole Rampersaud, trumpet
Steve Ward, trombone
Ken Aldcroft, guitar
Simeon Abbott, piano & organ
Christine Duncan, voice & theremin
Mika Posen, violin
Tilman Lewis, cello
Pete Johnston, double bass
Rob Clutton, double bass & banjo
Germaine Liu, vibraphone & percussion
Nick Fraser, drums & percussion
Joe Sorbara, drums & percussion

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AIMToronto Orchestra "Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007" next up

Creative Orchestra
Anthony Braxton, conductor & soprano sax
Christine Duncan, voice
Parmela Attariwala, violin
Tilman Lewis, cello
Ken Aldcroft, guitar
Justin Haynes, guitar & harmonica
Nicole Rampersaud, trumpet
Scott Thomson, trombone
Rob Piilonen, flute
Ronda Rindone, Eb & bass clarinet
Kyle Brenders, soprano sax
Evan Shaw, alto sax
Colin Fisher, tenor sax
Tania Gill, piano
Victor Bateman, bass
Rob Clutton, bass
Brandon Valdivia, xylophone
Nick Fraser, drums
Joe Sorbara, drums

Anthony Braxton and the AIMToronto Orchestra
Works: Compositions No. 306, No. 307 & No. 91 with three Language Improvisations.

Spool Records

Recorded September 7, 2007
in Guelph, Canada

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Aldcroft / Shaw / Sorbara "Remnants" (owr002) next up


Ken Aldcroft- guitar/effects
Evan Shaw- alto saxophone
Joe Sorbara- drums/percussion

1. Man Eating Elk with Golden Earring
2. Somnambulistic
3. You Make Me Feel Queasy And Odd
4. Remnants I
5. Redemption Song
6. Sticks and Stones
7. Remnants II
8. Dominic
9. Remnants of a Rosegarden Trampled
10. Remnants III
11. Coleman Lantern

Oval Windows Records

Recorded September 2003
All compositions � Socan 2006

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Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble "Live I" (CDR) next previous

Ken Aldcroft- guitar
Evan Shaw- alto saxophone
Scott Thomson- trombone
Wes Neal- bass
Joe Sorbara- drums

1. The Yanks are Coming
2. Prologue
3. Stress
4. Johnnie to the Rescue
5. The Yanks are Coming (reprise)

Done Records

Recorded live to two-track, October 7, 2005 @ the Leftover Daylight Series
Produced by Joe Sorbara and Blair Langley
Recorded and mastered by Blair Langley
All compositions by Ken Aldcroft � Socan 2006

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Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble "Live II" (CDR) previous

Ken Aldcroft- guitar
Evan Shaw- alto saxophone
Scott Thomson- trombone
Wes Neal- bass
Joe Sorbara- drums

1. Berne-ing
2. Refreshing Night / Rock River / Union Theme
3. Insight
4. Wild River Ride / Retreat-Advance / Johnnie to the Rescue

Done Records

Recorded live to two-track, December 16, 2005 @ the Leftover Daylight Series
Produced by Joe Sorbara and Blair Langley
Recorded and mastered by Blair Langley
All compositions by Ken Aldcroft � Socan 2006

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